Upcoming Gig: Rob Reeves and his Virtual Guitar Orchestra

Rob will be playing at the Samford Homestead Restaurant this Friday night, 10th February, 2011, and Friday nights in February. The performance will showcase the “Virtual Guitar Orchestra” – which is Rob and his real-time looping system. On the menu will be jazz standards and original grooves with a dash of Balkan Style rhythms.

What: Rob Reeves and His Virtual Guitar Orchestra

When: 6:30pm to 10pm; Fridays in February

Where: Samford Homestead Restaurant, Main Street, Samford.  

Phone the restaurant on 3289 1485 to make a booking. Come along and say hi, and enjoy a nice meal as you listen to the music!

Practice Track: Le Plume Part 1

Hi! Here is a practice track for intermediate guitar players interested in developing their jamming style, with application to jazz, especially Gypsy jazz, and similar styles. It is an example of a “ii-V-I” progression, with a passing diminished chord (I# dim) between the I and ii chords. The key is G major.


You could get away with playing G major the whole time, but it is much more fun and sounds great if you play the G#dim arpeggio over the G#dim chord. Download the practice track from the following link:


In due course, I will post part 2 of the progression, and then the full progression for you to play with! Have fun!