Book List

I recommend that all my students work from a guitar method and a song book. These learning resources will help you to get the most out of your lessons and progress most quickly in your musical goals.


Beginning Students
Young Beginners (5-9)

Rob’s Guitar Method for Young Beginners, Book 1, By Rob Reeves. Published by Rob’s Guitar School. 2011.


Progressive Guitar Method for Young Beginners: Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3. By Andrew Scott and Gary Turner. Koala Publications 1995.


Beginners (9-12)

Rob’s Guitar Method and Song Book. Book 1. By Rob Reeves. Rob’s Guitar School. 2011.

Beginners (12 and up, adult)

Rob’s Guitar Method and Song Book. Book 1. By Rob Reeves. Rob’s Guitar School. 2011.


Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Complete Edition, by Will Schmid and Greg Koch. Hal Leonard, 1999. While the complete edition represents the best value for money, you may also buy books 1,2, and 3 as separate volumes.

If you already have a guitar method, no need to buy another one. We can most likely use the one you have already.

Intermediate Students (Select One)

Fingerstyle Guitar Method, Complete Edition, by Lou Manzi, Nat Gunod, and Steve Eckels, Alfred Publishing.

Rock Guitar Method Complete, by Paul Howard and Erik Halbig. Alfred Publishing.

Accoustic Guitar Method, Complete Edition, by Greg Horne. Alfred Publishing.

Blues Guitar Method Complete, by Matt Smith. Alfred Publishing.

The above books may be purchased in the complete edition (details above) or as three seperate volumes entitled, beginning, intermediate, and mastering. The complete edition is better value for money.

Advanced Students

Selected according to interest. Please discuss with Rob.

There are many other guitar methods on the market which you can successfully learn from. I have selected the above for value for money and range of topics covered, but many others will work just as well for you!


All guitar students should have a song book to begin building up their repertoire of songs they can play. A song book is not necessary in the first term of guitar, but should be obtained in the second term. While it is possible to download lyrics and chords from the internet, this doesn’t give you enough information to play the song unless you already know the song very well. Get a song book that contains a selection of songs that you know and would like to play. Some suggestions:

The Gig Book Series.
Reasonably priced compilations (e.g. beatles, classic rock, etc) with chords, words, and melodies. Suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate students.

101 Songs for Easy Guitar series, and 101 Australian Songs for Easy Guitar. Reasonably priced compilations with chords, words, and melodies. Suitable for advanced beginners and intermediate students.

Rolling Stone Guitar Classics Vol 2. Classic Rock to modern Rock. Guitar Tab Edition. Includes the tab for famous guitar lines such as Stairway to Heaven. Also Chords, words and melody. Intermediate to Advanced students.

The Complete Guitar Player Songbook, Omnibus Edition. Russ Shipton. Wise Publications. This is a great collection of Folk Songs, and Sing-a-long songs, and those classic guitar songs that everyone seems to know. Graded into levels. All levels of player can work from this book.

Rock Guitar Hits. Budget Books.  Guitar Tab Edition.

Rock Guitar Classics. Budget books.  Guitar Tab Edition.

Both the above for intermediate to advanced players.

There are many other compilations you can buy. The main thing is to select one which has songs you know and want to play. Get guitar tab editions where available.

If you are interested in the music of a particular artist, then another option is to buy one of their song books. Once again, get guitar tab editions where possible! Most people however are better off with a good compilation from different artists to begin with.