Thanks for choosing to learn guitar at Rob’s Guitar School. I will be doing my best to help you or your child develop into the best musician and guitarist they can be, and meet your or your child’s goals with learning a musical instrument. To help things run smoothly please take the time to read through the following important points which will ensure that you are clear on my conditions of tuition.

  1. Practice. It is not possible to progress satisfactorily unless one practices on a daily basis. For beginning students, 10 to 15 minutes per day is sufficient, growing to 20 to 30 minutes per day, depending on age, by the end of the first term of instruction. Parents of younger kids will need to help them practice, by playing and learning with them, and playing some of the music games learnt in lessons. More advanced students will want to practice more than 30 minutes per day in order to meet their musical goals.
  2. Lesson Format. Private Lessons are held on a weekly basis for 30 minutes. You receive one-on-one instruction tailored specifically for your current skill level and playing goals.
  3. Payment. All regular weekly lessons are paid by the term, and must be paid in advance. The cost is  $44 per lesson, which is reduced to $35 per lesson when paying for the entire term, or the balance of the term for commencing students. For students in their first term, payments are due after two lessons. Continuing students will be invoiced at the end of each term for the following term. If discontinuing, please let me know before the start of term so that I can offer your spot to another student. A payment plan can be arranged to suit your budget if required, just let me know (a small surcharge applies).
  4. Short terms due to student absence. I am sometimes asked for a discounted fee due to lessons which will be missed at the start or end of term due to family holidays. My discounted fee of $35 per lesson is available only as a term payment for the entire term. If you wish to pay for less than the full term, the standard rate of $44 per lesson will apply. For absences of three weeks or more, see Leave of Absence, below.
  5. Leave of Absence. If students will be away for three weeks or more during the term, then a leave of absence can be applied for, preferably at the beginning of term. No fees are payable during the leave of absence. However on returning to lessons, students will need to take whatever time slots are then available. If you wish to maintain the same lesson time, a holding fee will apply of $25 per missed lesson in excess of three weeks.
  6. Lesson Times. Lessons are for 30 minutes. Please arrive promptly a few minutes before your lesson time. If you arrive late for your lesson, your lesson will be shorter, as I can’t hold up all the following students.
  7. Missed Lessons. I regret that missed lessons cannot be refunded. As my teaching schedule is normally full, I  can’t generally offer make up lessons, though if you give me at least 24 hours notice, I may be able to offer you an alternate time, if I have an available opening. If special circumstances apply, please get in touch to discuss. Students in group lessons are not eligible for make up lessons.
  8. Learning Materials. Beginning students will be provided with suitable learning material. All students will need to obtain a manuscript book.  Manuscript books are available from most news agents – Craigscore make a good one with clear wide lines. Books with bindings are best rather than pads with pages designed to be easily torn out. If you already have some guitar materials, in most cases we can make use of what you already have. More advanced students will also need a plastic sleeve folder, and depending on their interests and goals may need to buy suitable music books or instructional material. Please discuss with the teacher before making any purchases. See the book list for currently recommended methods and song books.
  9. Musical Equipment. All students should have their own guitar to use, a plectrum, and a guitar tuner. A metronome is also helpful, but not essential. Younger students need a smaller guitar that suits their size – 1/4 size,  1/2 size and 3/4 size models are available.  Feel free to contact me for advice!
  10. Examinations. Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited offers an examination stream in Modern Guitar.  Interested students are encouraged to take advantage of this, particularly if you think you might be interested in a career in music or music teaching, or undertaking tertiary study in music.
  11. Strings. Guitar strings should be changed regularly, at least twice a year, preferably more often, depending on usage. Take care to use the correct strings for your guitar, as the incorrect strings could damage your guitar. If in doubt, ask me in lessons. Strings can be purchased at any music shop.
  12. Continuing On. I assume students will continue on in the next term, at the same day and lesson time,  until you advise me otherwise.  If you need a different time, let me know! I automatically issue a new invoice at the end of the term. If you don’t wish to continue on, please let me know promptly so I can offer your spot to another student!
  13. Public Holidays. Lessons are not held on public holidays. If a public holiday falls on your normal lesson day, there is no charge.
  14. Pupil Free Days. Lessons are held on pupil free days, and if your lesson falls on a pupil free day, the normal lesson fee will be charged. If you can’t make the lesson, please advise at least 24 hours in advance, and a make-up lesson can  be scheduled if a mutually convenient slot becomes available within the term.
  15. Advance Bookings. I regret that lesson slots may not be reserved more than three teaching weeks in advance. If you wish to reserve a spot for a future starting date more than three teaching weeks in advance, a $25 fee per teaching week in excess of three weeks will apply.

Finally, let me thank you once again for choosing to study guitar with me at Rob’s Guitar School. I look forward to sharing my love of music and the guitar with you! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can help you with!

Best wishes,

Rob Reeves