Keeping hands and fingers healthy

We often take the use of our hands for granted – until something happens that makes us unable to keep doing what we usually do! As guitarists, we are highly dependent on our hands for our ability to play our instrument, and since so much depends on our hands, we should know how to keep them healthy so that we can have a long and satisfying playing career.

The following resources from the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine are very helpful for all styles of guitarists. They have put together a set of stretches and exercises for use as a warm up before practicing, and as a warm down after practicing. They have also published some guidelines for hand and general health for instrumental musicians. There is also a very good fact sheet on ergonomics for acoustic guitar players.

The fact sheets can be accessed from the BAPAM Health Resources Page, or directly from the links above!

So educate yourself on looking after your critical resources as a guitar player. A great way to start is the links above.