Summer Teaching Term

This year I am trialling a summer teaching term for those who may want to continue with lessons over the December January break. This will be on Wednesday  at the Samford studio, on 16/12, 23/12,  13/1 and 20/1 and Tuesday 5/1.

You can book for all five dates, or just one or two. For current students who pay by the term, or others who book all five lessons, the cost will be the term rate per lesson. ($32.50)

Available times start at 3:30pm through to 7pm. So email or trxt if you’d like to book in!

Or Phone 0408854077

Ear Training practice track

Hi all,

This practice track is to help you with your ear. I play a phrase over 4 bars, then there is a 4 bar gap for you to play the same phrase. The progression is

||:C           |C              |F              |F          :||

The key is C major. I played all phrases in the 2nd position moveable scale shape. But you should be able to use just about any C major fingering!


Bass Practice Track – A minor and E minor

This is a practice track for bass players, wanting to practice up their chops in C major with a basic rock feel. The chords are A minor and E minor:-

||:Am          |               |Em          |             :||

Use your C major scale to create runs between each chord. You can also use your arpeggio notes for each chord to create interesting lines. You might also like to experiment with using your A minor pentatonic runs on the A minor chord, and E minor Pentatonic runs on the E minor chord.

Jam away, and have some fun!

Cheers, Rob.

Term 4 Drawing to a close

Well another term and another year is drawing to a close. Thanks to all students and their families for another great year of teaching guitar! Regular lessons will finish up on Friday the 8th of December for the holiday season, and resume again on Monday 22nd January. I will be available for casual lessons at various times in January and December – send me an email to if you would like to book in a time!

Also guitar lesson gift certificates are a perfect gift idea…email me on as above if you would like to enquire!

In the meantime, I wish all students and their families the best of the festive season, and look forward to seeing you all again in the new year.



Teaching Resumes for the 3rd Term

I have been having a well earned break during he school holidays…but now looking forward to teaching resuming on Monday 10th July. This term will go through until Friday 15th September.

New Invoicing Look
During the holidays I have been busy trying to set up some new software to manage my teaching timetable and invoicing. So you will notice a change in the way invoices look! It’s possible that some things might get overlooked in the transition, so if there’s a problem with the invoice, lesson time or term fees, please send me an email and I will resolve it!

Make up lessons
The new system should also make it easier to organise and coordinate make up lessons. My policy on make up lessons is that I am happy to reschedule a lesson if an alternative time can be found…however I do request at least 24 hours notice, so that your vacated slot can be offered to someone else. Up till now, I have coordinated this through texts, emails and phone calls. With the new software, it will be managed through an online student portal! More details when it’s all up and going!

Family Accounts
For families with two or more students taking lessons, my practice has been to issue an invoice for each student, with the second one payable halfway through the term. With the new system, this has proved a step too far for my computer skills, so for those families, please feel free to split the invoice into two payments, with the second one due prior to week 6. I will issue you a new statement with balance remaining on receipt of your first payment!

Fees for this Term
Fees are $38 per lesson when paid by the lesson, or $31 per lesson when paid by the term. These fees are very competitive for quality professional tuition, especially if you take advantage of the generous discount for paying up front for the term.

So welcome back to all returning students, and a welcome to new students.


Rob plays the Retro Bar

One of the distinguishing aspects of my approach to teaching the guitar is that it is based on playing gigs. I like to give all my students, whether they are interested in playing professionally, or just for their own fun and pleasure, the benefit of my experience playing professionally. In whatever style you are interested, there are fundamentals of musicianship that will set you apart from the scores of wannabe’s, and lift your playing to a level of professionalism that will give you immense satisfaction.

I play in a number of different styles. My next gig will be with my Jazz Trio, accompanying vocalist Amanda Wallace. We play the Retro Bar in Kenmore, on Sunday 19th February, 3pm to 6pm. So come along and say hi…I love talking guitar, so do come and see the show, and have a chat! Click on the photo below to go the the Facebook event with all the details…

Amanda Wallace and the Rob Reeves Trio
Amanda Wallace and the Rob Reeves Trio

Welcome to New Teacher Jonathan Shelley

New Guitar Teacher Jonathan Shelley is set to start teaching at our Samford Studio at the Farmer’s Hall on Monday August 17th, 2015. Jonathan has studied at the Jazz Music Institute and has performed in many styles of music, including performances with the Rob Reeves Quartet. Jonathan has a full police working with children check, and is able to teach all popular styles of music, including reading music, soloing in jazz, blues and rock styles, and chords for accompaniment. Ring Rob on 3289 8020 to book your spot.

Rob Reeves Quartet to play at the Northey St Winter Solstice Festival

The Rob Reeves Quartet will be playing at the Northey St Winter Solstice Festival on Sunday June 21 – at 5PM! The festival begins at 4PM. Come along and check us out. We will be playing with the wonderful Nora Sahak Lawrie on vocals.


Practice Track – E7 and A7

Here is a practice track that works with a blues aesthetic. There are two chords, E7 for four bars, then A7 for four bars. For a straight ahead approach use the E major scale with a flat 7 (also called E Myxolydian, or A Major) over the E7, and an A major scale with a flat 7  (also called A Myxolydian or D Major) over the A7. For a more blues oriented treatment, use the E minor pentatonic scale, bending up to the major thirds of each chord.


Soloing concept for E7 and A7
Soloing concept for E7 and A7

Here’s the practice track:

E7 – A7 practice track

For bass players, here it is without a bass line:





Jazz in the Valley – Samford – 29th March

Exciting news at Rob’s Guitar School is the upcoming Jazz in The Valley afternoon in Samford. I have been working hard with Steve Cowley of the Homestead Restaurant to ensure that it will be a great afternoon. As well as my self, we have one of Australia’s premier Django Reinhardt style guitarists, Ewan MacKenzie, playing, as well as other acts! Ewan is a wonderful guitarist, and well worth listening to! Tickets $25 at the door, or prepaid $20 from myself or from the Restaurant. Music starts at 12PM – but best to arrive early to ensure you don’t miss any of the show! See Jazz in the Valley for full details…

Here is a video of Ewan’s ensemble performing recently at the Brisbane Jazz Club…

To stay updated with the latest on Jazz in the Valley, and help us get the message out, please like the Jazz in the Valley facebook page.